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"Of particular note is Alexis Strum as Snow White, who plays her part so convincingly and with such soul and charm that it is possible to forget for a moment that this is pantomime."
‘The Stage’​

“armed with a fresh, pure voice",
‘The Daily Mail’

“Adorarable video!”

“Single, ‘Blinkandyou'llmissit!’ sounds like the Knack's My Sharona shrieked by Karen O through Julian Casablancas' voice box…a splendid way to waste your time.”

​‘The Guardian’​

"The excellent Alexis Strum… her strength and poise gave her character some much needed gravitas …"
‘The Fringe Review’​


“Denise is a terrific character and strong comic creation” 

Gregor Sharp,  BBC Comedy

"A great comedy monster!”

Julia Chamberlain, So You Think You’re Funny

"The future Lady Macbeth played by Alexis Strum, literally spits venom and conceit upon others"


"This girl will be a big star!"
‘The Sunday Sun’ 


"A multi-talented  artist"

The Chingford Guardian

"Alexis Strum & Donna Preston are fantastic in... 'Before And After'"

Mind The Blog

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